Mark Biffin Director commented:

“It’s always a pleasure to know the cleaning services we offer, meet our clients’ needs and expectations and our extraction cleaning service has done just that! I know the team at Bay Cleaning have been working hard to ensure standards are kept high and that our clients are happy. It’s great to see hard work paying off not only for our clients but for all off us at Bay Cleaning.”

With the success of the extraction cleaning service we now operate throughout the UK and have a dedicated team working hard to meet our client’s requirements.

Our cleaning extraction service is certificated to TR19 standard so that’s one less thing our clients need to worry about. At Bay Cleaning we use specialist innovative cleaning technology equipment to ensure we receive maximum results. We use a wide range of equipment from grease cleaning machines, foaming machines and different brushes and accessories that help compliment the clean. Our cleaning team are fully trained and use non-harmful and non-corrosive foam during the clean to ensure no one gets harmed as it can get quite messy! However, it still creates less mess than traditional methods.

We work with our clients and meet their needs not ours, just talk to one of our friendly team members to discuss how we can help you.

Dave Picton who manages the extraction cleaning team added:

“I am extremely proud of my team; the success of this service is down to them always putting 100% in for our clients. They show how well they work as a team due to the great results and recent demands for this service. Here at Bay Cleaning we are extremely proud of all our staff from cleaners to office workers their dedications allow our cleaning services to grow every second.”

Other important information on this service include:

  • We operate this service out of hours or on a non-trading day, so we do not disrupt your business operations.
  • Our team have been trained to a professional standard to ensure quality is achieved, a scheduled plan can also be made for maintenance.
  • We always come to you.
  • We offer a trial one-off extract clean, where after clients can sign up for quarterly, biannual or annual cleaning contracts depending on their requirements.

If you require more information and would like to talk a friendly representative, get in touch on 0330 056 3351 or if you would like to receive a quote please fill in the form on the bottom of our extraction cleaning page which is here