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Our Diamond Brush System, combined with our technical cleaning team, gives your extract & hoods an 80% deeper clean than previously possible. Be thoroughly clean and TR19 Ready with BCS.

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Diamond Brush System

With a team trained in using our Diamond Brush & foaming system we get your extract 80% cleaner.

Kitchens, in all Settings

Hospitality, commercial kitchens, healthcare, manufacturing, education, food manufacturing & government buildings.

Trusted UK-Wide

Used by restaurant chains. commercial kitchens, and manufacturing organisations throughout the UK.

Our Diamond Brush System exceeds your expectations for extract & hood cleaning

Restaurant and commercial kitchens extraction systems and hoods can accumulate fats, oily deposits, particles and other greasy hard to clean elements. This can reduce the extraction air flow efficiency, encourage bacteria to breed and present a fire risk.

Bay Cleaning has invested in highly technical extraction cleaning equipment, and advanced staff training to take on this task for your organisation. 

Cleaning the kitchen extraction system is often seen as an unsavoury task; we can offer this clean to a certificated standard to TR19 standard for your peace of mind. And can set a scheduled plan for its maintenance.

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Our kitchen extraction & hood cleaning packages
start from just £250 (+VAT).

BCS Provide The Complete Extract Cleaning Package

  • Beginning with a full survey and inspection, we’ll let you know exactly what’s needed and what we’ll be doing. Once you’re happy, we’ll proceed with;
  • The Diamond Brush Deep cleaning itself, which we’re sure both you and the insurance company will be happy with. As a reassurance, we’ll then provide;
  • A full TR19 complaint report and issuance of a certificate, guaranteeing the quality of our work
  • An option to schedule your next booking to keep you safe & compliant for your PPM
  • A support line to answer your questions
  • UK-Wide Service Delivery 
  • Prices from just £250+VAT

Diamond Brush System For an 80% Cleaner Extract

  • Most Extract Cleaning companies only clean to 20% improvement. BCS achieves 80% consistently
  • Specialist Foaming Machines & cleaning chemicals
  • Technical Brushes & Specialist Accessories. These are the safe and thorough way to non harmfully clean kitchen canopy filters and commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Specially designed and built to safely and effectively deep clean grease from commercial kitchen ductwork, canopies and fans.
  • Trained Technicians, who have worked in a range of kitchen locations

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High Street Chains

Commercial Kitchens

Food Manufacturing

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Experience the extraordinary transformations of our Extract Cleaning Service through our captivating before and after gallery, showcasing our advanced techniques, specialised equipment, and skilled technicians delivering outstanding results.

Insurance companies may request a certificate to prove that your extractors meet this required standard of operation before they issue a valid policy. But luckily, this service is something that Bay Cleaning Services can provide, making sure that you can focus on what really matters — delivering great service to your customers.

Bay Cleaning Services isn’t like other cleaning companies. We utilise a fully mechanised cleaning system for a more thorough clean than is able to be accomplished by hand-cleaning alone. Our experts specialise in extractor cleaning, and if you’ve ever tackled the job yourself, you know that all that grease and grime needs professional attention. And there’s no better choice for the job than BCS.

We provide a full-service package with everything included. Beginning with a full survey and inspection, we’ll let you know exactly what’s needed and what we’ll be doing. Once you’re happy, we’ll proceed with the cleaning itself, which we’re sure both you and the insurance company will be happy with. As a reassurance, we’ll then provide a full report and issue you with a certificate, guaranteeing the quality of our work.

Our extractor cleaning packages start at just £250.00.

We Work With A Wide Range Of Customers

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

  • TR19 is a standard set by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA, now renamed BESCA) in the UK, which outlines the methods and acceptable levels of cleanliness for kitchen extraction systems. Adhering to TR19 is vital for safety, as it helps prevent fire risks associated with the build-up of grease and other substances in kitchen extraction systems.
  • The frequency of extraction system cleaning depends on the usage level of the kitchen. For heavy use (12-16 hours a day), the system should be cleaned at least every three months. For moderate use (6-12 hours a day), every six months is recommended. For light use (2-6 hours a day), an annual clean is typically sufficient. These are minimum recommended frequencies; some systems may require more frequent cleaning.
  • TR19 certification indicates that a cleaning contractor has been audited and found to meet the BESA’s rigorous standards for cleaning kitchen extraction systems. It provides assurance that the contractor is competent and capable of delivering a high-quality service that complies with health and safety regulations.
  • When selecting a cleaning service, it’s important to ask for evidence of their TR19 compliance. This can include their certification, training records, or examples of previous work. You should also ensure they provide a post-clean report that includes details of the work completed, photographic evidence, and any areas that were inaccessible or not cleaned.

    BCS takes care of all this for you.
  • TR19 is not a legal requirement in and of itself. However, it’s the industry standard guideline set by the Building Engineering Services Association (now BESCA) in the UK for the cleanliness of ventilation ducts, including kitchen extraction systems.

    While TR19 adherence is not law, complying with it can help businesses meet their legal obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Both these pieces of legislation require employers to minimize the risk of fire and ensure the health and safety of employees and the public. Regular cleaning of kitchen extraction systems to TR19 standards is a widely accepted way of demonstrating compliance with these laws.

    Insurance companies often require proof of TR19 compliance following a fire. Failure to comply with these standards can invalidate your insurance cover.

    So, while TR19 itself is not a legal requirement, complying with it can help businesses meet their other legal and insurance obligations. It’s always best to consult with a legal expert or a professional cleaning company for advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

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