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Fulfil Your BS9999 Legal Duty To Ensure All Fire Protection Assets Function Correctly

Fire dampers are crucial fire safety devices that are integrated into a building’s air ventilation ductwork system. These metal curtains are designed to close in case of a fire within the building. Are you sure that your fire dampers will function as intended in the event of a fire?

Bay Cleaning has invested in industry specific, advanced staff training to take on this task for your organisation.

Under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 (the law), building managers (the responsible person) are legally obligated to ensure that all fire protection assets within their buildings are operational and properly maintained.

To demonstrate compliance with fire damper requirements, annual testing inspections should be conducted in accordance with BS9999 and BESA VH 001. These regulations dictate that all fire dampers within a building must be inspected on an annual basis.

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How are Fire dampers important?

Fire dampers are crucial components of a building’s fire safety system, designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout the structure. These life-saving devices are strategically placed where ductwork passes through fire compartment walls, floors, or zones within the building. Their purpose is to contain a fire within a specific area for a certain period of time, allowing building occupants to evacuate and firefighters to focus their efforts on a contained blaze.

When testing fire dampers, the following items should be checked:

  1. Internal visual inspection for:
    • Damage or obstructions to the curtain
    • Proper operation and full closure of internal blades
    • Functioning spring mechanism
    • Clear channels and side rails
    • Intact and correctly fitted fusible link
    • Low levels of dirt, dust, or contamination in the ductwork
  2. Drop testing of the fire damper to ensure proper operation
  3. Any other faults that may be present.

As a reassurance, we’ll then provide a full report and issue you with a certificate, confirming the inspection of fire prevention assets.

The BS9999 Standard is a legal requirement.

How We Can Inspect Fire Dampers

1) Assess Your Fire Damper Assets

The key to conducting compliant fire damper inspections is to understand the type of fire dampers present (or should be present) in your property. This information can be found in building plans, fire strategy documents, and fire risk assessments.

In the event that no documentation is available, the initial visit should aim to compile a list of installed fire dampers for future testing.

2) Test

Physical inspections of each fire damper’s operation and installation by trained engineers ensure that the damper will function as intended in the event of a fire. This thorough examination involves triggering the damper and observing its operation while documenting any defects or installation issues.

3) Manage & Maintain

Ongoing PPM maintenance tests will ensure any degradation of the fire damper will be quickly identified, protecting your property and occupants.

Fire damper inspections should be carried out every 12 months as a minimum!

Mark Biffin, Director talks of the Fire Damper service team:

“We have made substantial investments in the training and equipment of our fire damper testing team. With extensive experience in the catering industry, we cater to both individual establishments and large chains. Individual establishments appreciate working with us as it allows them to focus on what they excel at – running an exceptional restaurant. Meanwhile, chains value our services as they can be assured that their fire safety assets meet the certifiable and safe standard of BS9999. Our certified fire damper testing and cleaning services are offered at an affordable price, making it a great option for your business.”

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