With the success of the services we offer here at Bay Cleaning and our growing number of clients, we are pleased to welcome 14 new cleaning staff and a new office administrator to the team to help with the demand and needs of our clients.

Julie Hatton, From Bay Cleaning Solutions stated:

“Bay Cleaning Solutions started off as a small company and has grown to be an experienced company with a great understanding of the trade in just over 10 years and we have our staff to thank for that. Their hard work and commitment has shown through our growth and we now offer services that suit all our clients’ needs and wants. It has been great to be involved in the growth of the business and welcome new faces to the team.”

Our staff are the face of our business and we understand they work hard and work with our clients to produce excellence work to a professional standard. Bay Cleaning have years’ worth of experience in the field and incredible knowledge and understanding of client needs. We ensure our staff consistently offer high levels of customer service to our clients. We believe that cleanliness reflects a company’s image and reputation which is why we feel it’s important to have a team that works hard.

From our team that work behind the scenes, to our cleaners and contract managers we respect they work to the best of their ability for our clients and we are proud to be in the position to introduce new staff to our team.

Mark Biffin, Director of Bay Cleaning Solutions added:

“We are growing every year and this is being shown through new services and new staff. Our wider range of services provides a higher level of cleaning support for the businesses we serve. Our growth as a company shows with our new team members. From Dave Picton joining the team in 2017 to our new cleaners and office administrator joining in 2019 it all been a great opportunity.”

Bay Cleaning Solutions operates services throughout the UK, so if you would like more information or want to receive a quote please get in touch and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.