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Ensure your building circulates clean air. Our technical cleaning team, cleans your air ducts and ventilation systems with our specialist  cleaning equipment. 

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Advanced Brush System

Technicians trained in using our advanced brush & foaming system we get your HVAC 80% cleaner.

Variety of Sectors

Healthcare, Hospitals, Retail, Manufacturing, Commercial, Residential & Hospitality

UK-Wide Assurance

A quality after-care service ensures our customers return for that renown BCS clean.

Let Our Experienced Technicians with Advanced Brush System Deep Clean Your HVAC

BCS is your trusted partner for thorough HVAC deep cleaning, leveraging specialist equipment and skilled technicians we deliver impeccable results.

Our process not only improves indoor air quality by removing pollutants but also optimizes system efficiency for reduced energy costs.

As a Vent Hygiene Register (VHR) member, we offer certified maintenance plans and dedicated technical support.

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Our ducting cleaning packages
start from just £250 (+VAT).

BCS Are Your HVAC Cleaning Company

We provide a full service for clients:
  • Comprehensive initial assessment for HVAC asset review, location mapping, and review of additional services needed, such as audited damper testing
  • Utilisation of specialist cleaning equipment designed for non-damaging yet deep HVAC ducting cleaning, ensuring the best possible results
  • Expertly trained technicians capable of working in a variety of premises, providing a seamless service tailored to your needs
  • Thorough removal of dirt, dust, bacteria, and indoor pollutants from ductwork, enhancing indoor air quality
  • Leads to an optimisation of ventilation system efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption
  • Certification for your Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme, enabling you to schedule your next clean
  • Dedicated technical support line for ongoing customer assistance and enquiries

Sectors We Work In

We work with individual businesses, facilities management companies and multi-site organisations


Hotels, restaurants, and event venues

Retail Locations

Shopping centres and individual stores


Clinics, hospitals and other healthcare


Care homes, other accommodation

Offices & industrial

Commercial settings & industrial units

Mark Biffin, Director tells us of the ventilation cleaning service:

“People choose us because we’re totally committed to doing the best job possible. We make sure our team members are always learning and improving, and we give them the latest tools to do their work. It’s this dedication to being the best, and our desire to really understand and meet what our customers need, that makes us stand out from the crowd. If you have a question, just reach out, our customer success team will help you get the deep clean that your organisation deserves”

Insurance companies may request a certificate to prove that your extractors meet this required standard of operation before they issue a valid policy. But luckily, this service is something that Bay Cleaning Services can provide, making sure that you can focus on what really matters — delivering great service to your customers.

Bay Cleaning Services isn’t like other cleaning companies. We utilise a fully mechanised cleaning system for a more thorough clean than is able to be accomplished by hand-cleaning alone. Our experts specialise in extractor cleaning, and if you’ve ever tackled the job yourself, you know that all that grease and grime needs professional attention. And there’s no better choice for the job than BCS.

We provide a full-service package with everything included. Beginning with a full survey and inspection, we’ll let you know exactly what’s needed and what we’ll be doing. Once you’re happy, we’ll proceed with the cleaning itself, which we’re sure both you and the insurance company will be happy with. As a reassurance, we’ll then provide a full report and issue you with a certificate, guaranteeing the quality of our work.

Our extractor cleaning packages start at just £250.00.

We Work With A Wide Range Of Customers

Frequently Asked Questions about HVAC Cleaning

Industries that benefit from ducting deep cleaning include:

Hospitality industry: Hotels, restaurants, and event venues

Retail locations: Shopping centres and individual stores

Healthcare providers: Doctors’ offices, clinics, and other healthcare facilities

Hospitals: and other medical settings

Facilities management companies: A variety of residential & commercial buildings

Accommodation providers: Apartment complexes,
student housing, and other residential properties

And more!

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, along with the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, mandates employers to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, including maintaining a wholesome indoor atmosphere.

One crucial aspect of this is the regular cleaning and appropriate maintenance of ductwork systems, a responsibility that extends to other facilities such as residential buildings and public institutions like hospitals.

The TR19® guidance document stands as the definitive reference for the hygiene of ventilation systems. It sets the standard for the cleanliness of internal ventilation systems and the frequency of ductwork cleaning.

We operate throughout the UK, and do not charge for travel.

We operate throughout the UK including in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Oxford, Coventry and more!

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We have packages from  just £250+VAT

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