Whether you manage a large-scale stadium, or an indoor, conference arena, the frequent footfall from public events demands a comprehensive, cleaning solution. Yet given the tight turnaround times, tackling this task can be tricky.

So, how can you keep your large scale event space clean and ready for these busy, bustling occasions?

One solution is to enlist the help of an external agency with expertise, and experience of stadiums, arenas conference facilities and everything inbetween.

Covering Cardiff Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, London, and the surrounding areas, our expert nationwide cleaning company covers the length and breadth of the country to ensure venues remain clean before, during, and after public events.

With a specialism in venues of scale, our dedicated team of cleaners take care of the details. We know that events are not 9-5! We can operate around the clock. Alongside the main event space, we also take care of stands, stages and changing facilities, VIP areas, bars up-to with as many well trained staff as necessary staff members allocated to a venue we can turn it around fast.

Prior to entering your event space, you`ll be assigned an experienced specialist service manager to discuss your venue’s cleaning demands in detail, and when you require support. 

While we`re dreamers and doers, we`re also realists at heart; last minute changes to numbers means that venue cleaning requirements can change like the British weather. Whether you need extra support during set up, or concentrated cleaning for a particular area, let us know. Simply give us a bell, and we´ll draw from our cleaning pool, to accommodate your requests.

While we deploy tried and trusted techniques, we also adopt a progressive approach; in recent years, technological developments have enabled us to extend our range of quality equipment. As a result, we can complete comprehensive cleans of your on-site facilities in tight turnaround times to minimise hassle and upheaval at events.

But what does this mean for our customers? Our director, Mark Biffin summarises the benefits for venues in a nutshell:

“From innovations in large-scale cleaning equipment, to strategic, safety initiatives, the latest industry updates inform every aspect of our service. Irrespective of the size of your venue , our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every area of your event space is given comprehensive coverage. If last minute changes occur, our round the clock cleaning service will do their best to address your needs, ensuring your event runs smoothly”

Curious about how our nationwide cleaning services can help your events venue or stadium ? Call 0330 056 3351 to get started today.