Fire dampers are vital components of a building’s fire safety system, as they prevent the spread of fire and smoke through the ventilation ductwork. However, many building owners and managers are unaware of their legal obligation to ensure that their fire dampers are tested and maintained regularly, according to BS9999 and BESA VH 001 standards.

That’s why Bay Cleanings Fire Damper Testing Service is here to help you fulfil your duty of care and protect your property and occupants from fire hazards. We offer a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of fire damper testing, inspection, cleaning, and certification. Our trained and experienced engineers can access any type of fire damper, perform drop tests, visual inspections, lubrication, repairs, or replacements as needed. We also provide you with a detailed report that includes test results, asset register, digital photos, recommendations for remedial actions, and a certificate of compliance.

Our service is available nationwide for any sector that requires fire damper testing, such as healthcare facilities management social housing hospitals event & hospitality venues. We do not charge for travel expenses and we offer competitive prices starting from just £290.

Don’t take chances with your fire safety – contact us today to book your fire damper testing service with Bay Cleaning.

“We are proud to offer our clients a reliable and professional service that ensures their compliance with fire safety regulations. Our fire damper testing service is UK-wide and we do not charge for travel costs. Our prices start from just £290 per site visit” – Frank Hamlin New Business Development manager at Bay Cleaning.