Continuing the success of our working relationship with a fast casual restaurant chain, we’ve now taken on 2 new restaurants in Leeds and Bristol.

Mark Biffin, Director at Bay Cleaning commented:

“We’re delighted to continue our work for this particular restaurant chain. As cleaning specialists in the restaurant and pub sector, it’s great to take on more restaurants and deliver our cleaning services with the same high level that our customers has received for their other restaurants”

When asked about the evolving needs of the restaurant and pub cleaning industry Mark Biffin added:

“The fast casual dining industry is great sector to be working in at the moment. New restaurant brands are emerging all the time, whilst they are focused on delivering a unique eating customer experience, that Instagrams well, we are focused on supporting these organisations with our evolving range of cleaning services… From the traditional daily clean, to the daily kitchen deep clean – that takes the weight off chefs enabling them to focus on the food… To our hydraulic and foam based extraction cleaning service, that takes the mess and and health and safety risk out of hoods and extraction systems.