At Bay Cleaning Solutions we offer a range of different cleaning service to suit our high football, restaurant, pub and catering business needs. There are three services that we offer that cover a broad spectrum of the industry

Restaurant and Pub Cleaning:

  • We offer friendly, specialist and professional cleaning teams to manage high foot fall and leisure-oriented businesses.
  • We offer deep cleans, upholstery and hard floor polishing
  • We can be your daily maintenance cleaning team, enabling you to focus on delivering a great customer experience
  • Our services can be available to suit your opening hours. We are flexible around your business needs.

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Kitchen Deep Clean:

  • Our innovative kitchen deep clean is one of our newest services, we go one step further to make sure high levels of hygiene and cleanliness is achieved.
  • We know the standards set by Environmental Health, so you can be confident that we will meet these standards.
  • We clean everything! From under fridges, deep fat fryers, behind counters and more.
  • Our deep clean kitchen service is offered daily, weekly, or periodic as required
  • Your kitchen staff can focus on what they are good at, and delivering the best customer experience

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Hood & Extraction Cleaning:

  • We use specialist equipment and have professionally trained staff.
  • We focus on restaurant and commercial kitchen extraction systems and hoods which have accumulated fats and other oily deposits that could result in a potential fire risk.
  • We use highly technical hydraulic extraction cleaning equipment with a foam-based technique.
  • This clean is offered to a certificated standard, reduces fire risk, and assists insurance compliance
  • We also offer scheduled plans for this maintenance to be carried out, we operate throughout the UK and do not charge travel expenses.
  • Offered at an affordable price.

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Dave Piction, who manages the extraction cleaning service team stated that:

“The service is offered to individual premises and large chains. We use grease cleaning machines, foaming machines and other brushes and accessories to ensure the job is done at a high standard that saves our clients a lot of hassle.”

Mark Biffin, Director of Bay Cleaning Solutions:

“Our clients expect quality which is was what we provide with our range of cleaning services, we offer something for everyone. There is also a growing trend with the fast-casual market, the pub micro-chains and one-off concept pubs which is something we are focusing on right now. With our cleaning services we allow our clients to focus on their restaurant experience management. And we can focus on their entire cleaning needs.”

To receive a personalised quote, please use our quote section which can be found at the bottom of each cleaning service page.