Arena, Stadium & Conference Centre Cleaning

Events & Public Spaces Cleaning, for venues with a high footfall

We have cleaning contracts in place with large venues, and arena sized venues. Ready to talk about your venue’s cleaning needs?

Bay Cleaning Solutions is highly experience in high capacity arenas and venues and meeting places.

There are often a number of rooms located within larger venues such as meeting spaces and other ancillary halls. Our services can cover all manner of arena and stadium cleaning, including all management areas, showers and changing facilities, as well as bar areas and stage.

We also clean any VIP areas to an extremely high standard. We often have 10-15 cleaners working in one area at a time to ensure that consistent high standards are met.

Our team of cleaning specialists are aware of the flexibility required and we are happy to fit in with your requirements, as well as those of any performers. We can do the early mornings, the late night and the small hours. We can also accommodate any last-minute changes such as increased numbers, and therefore larger areas, or timely cleans.

Anne Smith, Operations Manager for Bay Cleaning Solutions says:

“It’s not uncommon for concert artists’ support staff to arrive in the early hours of the morning. The band will need to set up, then lighting and staging may arrive – it can be a hectic time. However, Bay Cleaning Solutions can accommodate you, however busy and packed your schedule is.”